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About Us

We search the Internet for the best free online shooting games so can deliver the ultimate gaming experience for you. We offer a vast variety of free shooting games: action-shooters, 3D-shooters, multiplayer-shooters, zombie-shooters, SciFi-shooters and last but not least retro-shooters.


Updated on a regular basis is the way to go for online gamers from around the world. We hope you enjoy your stay at!


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I earn points?

Earning points is easy - you just have to play, rate and comment games, etc. See the table below for a complete list.


Action Points earned
Playing a game 2 points
Rating a game 5 points
Posting a comment 10 points
Sending a report 15 points
Referring a user 50 points


What are points used for?

The more points you earn the more you'll rise in the rankings. More features will come so stay tuned!


Where do I register?

Just click on the 'Register'-button on the top of the screen!


I already have a Facebook account. Where can I login?

You can find the Facebook-login at the top of the site. Be sure to connect both Facebook and BulletGamez-accounts so you can login via Facebook.


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